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Why Irrigation?

Over time, an automatic sprinkler system will pay for itself. The savings are based on eliminating overwatering and providing perfect, efficient coverage. Hand watering is no match for the efficiency of an irrigation system.

Eliminating overwatering means no waste, no runoff and no more forgotten sprinklers or having to water the driveway just to get a patch of grass. A properly watered lawn is also healthier and less vulnerable to stress, pests or weed infestations.

Not only will an automatic irrigation system save you money, it will also remove the worry of having to water your grass, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love to do. A properly installed and maintained irrigation system can last a lifetime, providing a beautiful, worry-free landscape.

FTC takes all of these things into consideration and designs and installs a uniform system providing the correct amount of water in every area of your landscape! Water conservation is key to our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing an irrigation system can be a difficult decision. We hope these answers to common questions about irrigation will help you make your decision.

Q. Will an automatic sprinkler system use more water?

A. No, it will conserve water. Irrigation systems can have a rain sensor so that you use only the water that is needed. You won’t over- or under-water your lawn or garden with an automatic sprinkler system

Q. Does having a sprinkler system save time?

A. Yes. With an automatic sprinkler, you don’t have to spend your leisure time watering your lawn or garden. Even when you’re not at home, the automatic sprinkler has it covered.

Q. Will an automatic sprinkler system water effectively?

A. It will do a much better job than watering by hand because it delivers exactly the correct amount of water.

Q. We get a lot of rainfall per year. Do we need a sprinkler system?

A. If it always rained on a predictable schedule, then you would not need a sprinkler system. However, the only way to have healthy, lush growth is to deliver regular, measured watering sessions.

Q. Can I save money by installing my own system?

A. No, it actually costs more money to do it yourself.

Q. Is operating my system going to be difficult?

A. No, we will explain how the controller works and how the watering times have been set. As necessary, watering times can be adjusted by following some simple instructions. That is all you need to concern yourself with – the system takes care of the rest!

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